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"As a deep tech venture we have a different take on value. Value is more than money. If you need a figure please give one. Just remember growth and profit has limits and does not always have value"

“If you can make it an elevator pitch it’s not deep tech”

“Increasingly I’m keen on personal coaching for my deeptech founders and making sure that we speak openly about mental health.”

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

"Be faithful to your conclusions. If you conclude the world will not reach net zero in time, it's time to innovate"

"A few critical climate technology breakthroughs multiplied by “Instigators” is desperately needed"

Hide and Seek

"we seek out the most transformative ventures to invest in.
Those with the power to change the way we live for the better and those that have a real,
meaningful impact on society."

"We have known for decades. We have tried for decades. We need something different"

Dramatic Actress
Hide and Seek

"This Isn’t Broadway. So Stop Acting"

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