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EONTRA initiates and participates in projects that aims to bring our novel technology and system solutions through the validation, capacity building and scaleup phases neccesary for true transformative power.

Prestudy - Research & Innovation Network

The team was a partner to Dalarna University in setting up this study and we brought our views on how technological breakthroughs and system thinking could support regional research and innovation ambitions in a smart specialisation context.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

AHE - Advanced Heat Engine

The team of EONTRA, under the project ownership of the Industrial Development Center of Dalecarlia, Sweden (IUC), got the support of the Swedish Energy Authority to conceptually develop the business potential of our technology. The energy system of today faces a lot of challenges; there is a need for sustainable, scalable, user friendly, decentralised, robust and flexible solutions based on renewable energy. In order to develop the system towards the Agenda 2030 goals, one has to fully incorporate gender mainstreaming, as well as new technologies among other aspects. The aim of this project is to take an innovation concept one step further towards the market through evaluation of the concept by means of developing an IPR-strategy and a roadmap towards commercialization. Gender mainstreaming as well as an interdisciplinary approach will be used as tools to optimize the activities of the project and the concept. The technical solution has a unique core with an inverted peristaltic movement, which among other things enables high efficiency and possibilities to create synergies with existing energy technology.


Pathfinder 3STH2

The team is proud to be the instigator of putting together a consortia of three swedish universities and a truly progressive science park in placing our technology at the heart of a green hydrogen application. The goal of 3STH2 is to develop a novel production route for green hydrogen, using an inventive advanced heat engine principle to convert abundant thermal gradients into hot water or hot water vapour and electricity. These two constituents, electricity and hot water/vapour, are then converted by an alkaline exchange membrane electrolyser into storable hydrogen and oxygen. Our technical invention uses only abundant non-critical materials in both the generation of electricity and hot water as well as in the transformation to hydrogen. The invention allows to use the water extracted from air moisture or water vapour in the atmosphere which makes the technology truly sustainable and conform with a circular economy.

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